I had the opportunity to see this at an advanced screening tonight in the Portland area. I went in knowing very little about it other than its rating and what it was rated for. I'll tell you, this movie pushed my limits for intensity, and I'm none-too-squeamish.

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It's not necessarily gory, though there is a fair amount of blood, but it's sure as hell intense. The elements I believe worked in favor of this movie was the human story the filmmakers built in the beginning. There was a rapport with the family, and as things started to heat up, I genuinely cared about what happened to the family. I was hoping for a happy ending, but with the film's gritty nature, I honestly didn't know how the third act would unfold.

This movies holds onto you and doesn't let go. When there is a breath of fresh air, you as the viewer best take it, because it'll get right back into the thick of it. I wonder how well this movie will do financially with the little (to none) marketing that's going into it. I didn't even know what the movie was until Regal Cinemas invited me in for the screening. It's a bit intense, and the squeamish had every right to stand up and leave. Not many did, but I don't blame them. There were a few instances where it grew a bit too much for me.